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Before Lindsay Lohan had a beach club - Mykonos

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Mykonos is probably the lesser known of the two famous Greek islands – the other being Santorini, but it quickly became my favorite place on this trip. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s got great beaches, super friendly people, and excellent food. It has a laid back beach club vibe that you don’t necessarily get from Ibiza or Santorini. Just keep in mind that there are rumors that they’re going to start limiting the number of travelers they let onto the island every summer. Also if I remember correctly, they don’t have a great septic system so you need to watch what you flush.

Flights: Naples-Mykonos on Volotea

The airport there is TINY, especially when you’re flying direct to Athens. I think there were two gates. Security lines could probably get long especially if you’re not flying domestic. If I remember correctly, the other non-domestic terminal lines were insane. I’d suggest getting there early.


Hotel Petinos. This was a beautiful hotel right off the beach. We paid for a pretty standard room although I think they have room upgrades that have views of the water. The staff was friendly, the rooms were clean, every room had a cute little patio, and they’re right on the beach near stores. Those cushion seats in the top right hand corner of the picture by the pool are SO comfy.


  • The most memorable place that we ate was at Scorpios, which was at the time the famous beach club that turns into a restaurant and then a club. Ridiculously expensive and I honestly can’t even remember what I ordered so it wasn’t that memorable. Not worth it.

  • During the day we ate at SantAnna beach club. We got a hummus plate that was great and delivered right to our chairs. The guys went down the beach a bit and got sandwiches that they loved.

  • There was a small market on the beach a few doors down from our hotel that carried snacks and beer. Outside of the meals I mentioned above, we pretty much just survived on that.

  • LateNight – we ended up over by the windmills one night and found a late night gyro place that was fantastic. I have no clue what it was called.

What to do/see:


  • Highly recommend a day at SantAnna Beach Club. It’s a chill scene – no major dance floor. You pay them about 30eur to rent a chair right on the beach for the day and then you have easy access to their bars, servers, pool, and the ocean. It’s well worth it.

  • Little Venice – go wander around the tiny streets and check out the Windmills. It’s super cute and you can do some casual shopping and get a Gyro.

  • The only downside to having great beaches is that you have to pay to sit on them no matter where you are. The hotels own the beach chairs on the main stretch, and the clubs own them on the rest.

Nighttime: I’d actually recommend finding a way to get over to the Little Venice area at night rather than the beach clubs. There’s plenty of nice restaurants that kind of turn into dance bars later in the night. They also have great late-night gyro restaurants.


  • Mykonos has VERY few taxis – I think they told me 30 for the entire island. Most of them spend their time going back and forth to the airport. Make sure you have a taxi arranged from your hotel to the airport when you’re leaving. In addition, if someone at a taxi stand at a restaurant or in town says “hey here’s your ride” and it’s not an actual taxi but just a local in a Jeep, just go with it, especially if you have guys with you. It’s WAY overpriced at 10EUR per person and they overfill them but it’s about the only way to get around if you’re drinking

  • You can either take the ferry or a flight to Mykonos. Just make sure you know exactly which stop to get off the ferry. Also we hear that upgrading to “first class” on the ferry is cheap and worth it.

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