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In 2015, my friends and I went on our first big Europe trip as SINKs (single income no kids) and it changed everything. Traveling became an addiction, but I knew it would never be a business for me like it is for travel bloggers. I never plan to make money off of this, but I do love to document what I've seen and what I learned about the places I've been lucky enough to visit. Over the years, friends started asking me for recommendations because I was the one who was "always on travel".

In trying to figure out what would be the most beneficial thing to blog about, we’ve noticed that most travel blogs are either just Instagram pictures or lots of fluff. When we travel, especially internationally, we rely heavily on advice from our hotel staff or Trip Advisor, but oftentimes TA is written by people with kids or people who love museums. Instagram travel accounts are simply just pictures and I’ve heard the people don’t even get to enjoy the place they visit. They spend five minutes getting the perfect picture and hours in a hotel room editing it. We’ve also read travel books like “1001 Places to see Before You Die,” but that’s full of $500/night hotels and jazz festivals. While I’m sure those resources are helpful for plenty of people, that’s not us.

So what you'll see here is non-museum ideas, food that's excellent but affordable, how to fit multiple cities/countries in one big trip aka one flight, and even mistakes we learned from. This is a blog for the working millennial. Hopefully it inspires you to use that PTO...and soon!


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